Hugh Jackman Might Star In Warner’s Peter Pan Origin Story

I had almost forgot that this was still happening, but Warner Bros. has moved on to the casting phase of its Peter Pan origin story, Pan, because Hollywood can’t break the curse cast on it by the three evil witches unless it doubles back and remakes every movie and gives them all origin stories. Pan will tell the story of an orphan boy named Peter who ends up in a place called Neverland after he’s snatched by some pirates. It’s funny, I already thought that was the entire origin story.

Alas, there’s even more to the adventure, and Warner is looking to cast Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard the pirate, after Javier Bardem already passed. According to the Wrap, Blackbeard would be the main villain, the leader of the pirates that Peter Pan must defeat in order to free the other orphans, including a young boy named James Hook. SPOILER ALERT: He loses a hand at some point, but it’s kind of convenient for his whole shtick.

Aside from from Peter Pan, James Hook and Wendy, the only casting question remains: Who will play the voice of the flamboyant killer crocodile? You guessed it.