Hugh Jackman Reminds Us That Teachers Are The Real Superstars

Here I was thinking that we could use a real feel-good story today to send us into the weekend, and it’s as if my psychic blogger abilities sent out a cry for help to the rest of the Interwebs. Thankfully, our buddies at College Humor responded with a video that they recently helped record with Hugh Jackman for the Harlem Villages Academies’ new campaign: “Teachers are Superstars”. Per the Harlem Village Academies’ website:

We want students to become intellectually sophisticated, wholesome in character, avid readers, independent thinkers and compassionate individuals who make a meaningful contribution to society.

And that’s pretty awesome, because kids who read are page views become adults who achieve. I read that on a bumper sticker actually, but I wouldn’t have known how to read it if it weren’t for awesome teachers. So we tip our cap to Jackman for his support of such a wonderful cause, and we can only hope that this will convince Channing Tatum to make our series of videos about how bloggers deserve less restraining orders.

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