Is Hugh Jackman Crowdsourcing The Plot For His Last Wolverine Film?

On the one hand, Hugh Jackman uttering the words “Old,” “Man” and “Logan” back-to-back at 20th Century Fox’s San Diego Comic-Con panel convinced many that Wolverine 3 would be based on the acclaimed comic book seriesOld Man Logan. Then again, there’s no guarantee this is actually the case. Either way, the actor has since started using the #OneLastTime hashtag on social media to promote the venture, and now he’s asking for the fans’ input on Twitter.

As the above tweet reads, Jackman wants to know what the fans “want to see happen,” and he wants them to tweet about it in “50 words or less.” He claims that he’ll try and “read as many as [he] can,” but we all know what Jackman’s really trying to do. He’s stealing tricks from the Deadpool crew and trying to appease the fanbase by removing any and all forms of middlemen and women. In other words, he’s crowdsourcing.

Hugh, I’ll love you no matter what Wolverine 3 ends up being. Hell, I still love you now — even though you kinda sorta did X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So please know that I really don’t think you need to take a page from the filmmaking book of Zach Braff. It doesn’t work, and it’s only going to make me that much sadder.

(Via Hugh Jackman)