Are Hugh Jackman’s Vacation Photos Actually Teasing His Look As Old Man Logan?

Yes. Yes he is, if you’re looking for the obvious answer to the headline question.

By all accounts, Hugh Jackman is one of the healthiest men on the planet. Just watching his clapping push-ups routine made me wheeze like I’d climbed a flight of stairs, and I’m convinced that his shirtless scenes in the Wolverine and X-Men films were included just to make us comic book fans feel incredibly self-conscious. So, when the star of Someone Like You shares a personal photo on Instagram and people suddenly lose their minds over the guy looking like he drank from the wrong cup, there has to be a good reason for it.

As other outlets have been running with social media headlines like “What’s happened to Hugh Jackman?” as if he ran over a gypsy’s child, smarter fans have been pointing out the probable cause for him looking like Hugh Jackman’s older uncle, who has seen a lot of sh*t, man. Judging by that beard and the bags under his eyes, Jackman is likely teasing us with the first look at Old Man Logan in the upcoming final installment of his run as everyone’s favorite X-Men brawler.

Or maybe I’m completely wrong and Jackman just wears a lot of makeup on most days. Whatever the reason, look how happy he is about this fish!

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First catch of the day! #dinner

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