Hugo Weaving: Red Skull will be based on Werner Herzog

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07.26.10 11 Comments

(I actually like this fan-art version of Red Skull, who’s all happy like the Joker)

As I’ve already said like 15 times, I wasn’t able to get into the Captain America Comic Con panel even though I waited in line for three hours.  Luckily, someone at io9 was able to attend, and I have a computer with which I can copy and paste. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Director Joe Johnston, whose previous films include Wolfman and Jumanji, was joined on stage at Comic-Con by Chris Evans, who plays Cap, and Hugo Weaving. Johnston described his vision for the film as being “like Raiders of the Lost Ark, which feels modern and not like you’re watching something from 1936.” He added, “[Captain America is] not going to feel like a 1942 war movie, even though we’re telling the origin story of Captain America.” He also gave us a few hints about what to expect in the movie: We should expect to see Steve Rogers’ character solidly established before he’s transformed, since he wants the audience to love the character before the transformation takes place.

Things got awesome when Weaving started talking about his character, the Red Skull, a Nazi obsessed with ancient artifacts who becomes Cap’s nemesis. Weaving said he based the Skull’s accent on those of weirdo German filmmaker Wernor Herzog [how dare you! -Ed.] and Austrian actor Klaus Maria Brandauer. The image of the Red Skull above is not how he will appear in the film – during the panel, Weaving said he would be wearing “a series of lightweight pieces” on his face. So don’t worry – it won’t be CGI Red Skull. [I09]

CGI or no CGI, with Joe Johnston directing, it’ll be a miracle if this movie’s any good.  But I do like the idea of Werner Herzog as Captain America’s enemy.  Seems fitting.

“Eef zair eest one sing I hate moar zen za feelink uff za sunlight on mein schkin, eet’s za Captain America.  Mit za helmut, oont za shield, oont za vaving uff za schtarz oont za stripez.  Eet conjure za eemage uff za red-cheeked cheeldren, vearing za safety helmet oont playing oont za ball pit uff za fockink Mcdonald’s.  Mit dair Schtarbuckz, oont za iPhone, mit za map Googles, oont za fockink Fayzebookz.  Not zee German, he know true poetry.  He vork az lockpick.  He ist bouncer een za sex club. Za headmazter oont za mongoloid asylum.  He ist not faint of heart.  He knowz za feelink uff za gunshot een za belly — ist nuzzink.  Za flesh vound.  Oont ven za nazi look eento za eye uff za Jew, he see nuzzink but za cold, indeeference uff nature.  Ist beautiful.  Achtung!  RELEASE ZA PIGS!”

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