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10.14.08 70 Comments

As I pointed out in my original review, the only sense the ending of the Incredible Hulk made was as a setup for a sequel.  In a recent interview with MTV, Iron Man writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (best. name. ever.) say the plan is to make Hulk the villain in an Avengers movie.

“I hope ‘The Avengers’ embraces that,” Fergus said of having the Hulk as misunderstood baddie. “You don’t want like 10 super-badass good guys fighting together. Where’s the fun in that? Let’s break it off a little. Friends or colleagues [Dammit, Thor, did you finish those TPS reports? -Ed.] who become enemies is always an interesting thing because you know it’s based on love and friendship and that’s always the worst thing to have turn bad — is someone you actually care about and someone you actually believe in.”
“I personally like when good-guy characters have to fight each other,” he went on. “Good guys going against good guys who both believe in an issue is way more interesting than a villain clearly into evil and I like when former friends become committed enemies.”

It’s funny, sometimes I’m tempted to weigh in on how I feel about which superheroes should fight each other. And then I remember I’m not seven.  To make this interesting I say they make the Hulk a closeted homosexual.  “Why’d you turn into the Hulk, Bruce?  We were just hanging out all calm when Tony Stark came out of the shower in a towel and… hey, wait a second…”

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