Human Centipede only shows the director, is way creepier

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09.27.10 18 Comments

The Human Centipede: The Final Sequence, which director Tom Six has promised will have FOUR TIMES THE A 2 M, now has a teaser.  Feeling the pressure to ratchet-up the grossness of the original, the Dutch-born Six has taken a novel-yet-successful approach:  hiring a weird British guy with a stuffed-up nose (soft pallet injury, maybe?) to do the voice over, and making the teaser just two minutes of Six awkwardly staring into the camera with his weird pale overgrown baby face.  Sample narration:

“I even get death threats on Facebook about it.  The sickest bastard is doctor Heiter, they’re saying.  But too many people… just think… it’s like My Little Pony.  So now… prepare for part two, which really will be the sickest movie of all time.”

I don’t follow that logic train at all, but perhaps I was just too distracted by the revolting voice/icky face combo.  This made me nearly as nauseous as the first time I saw Cam Gigandet’s dead-eyed gremlin face.  …So, uh… well done?

You do NOT want to see his horse.

[via IFC]

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