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02.11.09 7 Comments

Old dude likes what he sees (that being Eliza Dushku dressed like a prostitute). [picture at left, source: Hollywoodfail]

A Collection of Latvian Jokes – I’m not just saying this, I really liked this.  Latvian Joke 1: Man is hungry. He steal bread to feed family. Get home, find all family have sent Siberia! “More bread for me,” man think. But bread have worm. [HolyTaco]

The Most Disturbing Animals on Earth pt. 3. Man, I f-ckin hate spiders.  [Atom]

11 Craziest Grammy Awards Moments. Hey, remember Milli Vanilli?  Me neither.  But any list with the “Wu Tang is for the children” video on it is alright by me. [ScreenJunkies]

Follow (fake) Nick Nolte on Twitter. Then you can read nuggets of wisdom like “Let he who’s never killed a horse for insurance money cast the first stone,” every day! [Twitter/Nick_Nolte]

The first five minutes of The International… was not enough to convince me this isn’t a lame concept. [TrailerAddict]

This guy’s favorite movie is The Fast and The Furious. []

Man, this guy’s teacher seems like a real bitch. [picture]

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