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02.15.10 39 Comments

We’ve detailed what happens when you piss off Hunter Thompson here before, but this time we have audio, and being able to hear the good doctor’s frenzied half-mumble is really the cherry on the sundae.  Here’s a partial transcript of his call to an electronics shop:

First, when it was installed… the machine is no good, it sucks.  But second, I want somebody up here tomorrow to unscramble the goddamned maze they made out of my cables.  All these goddamned wires coming and going…. SOME ASSHOLE CAME IN HERE AND SCRAMBLED ALL MY WIRING!!  WHAT KIND OF FOOLS DO YOU SEND OUT ON ERRANDS??!

You people have caused me enough trouble.  And I’m gonna… well nevermind what I’m gonna do.  Let’s focus and what you’re gonna do. …  If your setup is still here by tomorrow, I’m gonna destroy it.  And then I’m gonna write about it.  …Yeah, I write about a lot of things.  You might’ve even heard about me.  I write books!  I write things that people read!  I’LL RUIN YOUR F-CKING NAME!  YOU GODDAMNED IDIOTS, YOU F*CK UP MY SYSTEM!

The way he mumbles thoughtfully, then builds to righteous fury… just… amazing.  The only trouble is, I could see people doing him wrong just for the chance to hear one of these epic rants.  To me they’re more beautiful than a child’s laughter, or morning dew on a deer’s vagina.

[YouTube via DVice]

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