Hurt Locker Parody and Morning Links

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11.09.10 2 Comments

Parody of The Hurt Locker based on David Morse’s scene, with just a little additional intensity. [via THD]


10 Awesome Fan Reimaginings of Popular Characters [Uproxx]

Reading Material For The Geek In Your Life [Uproxx]

Can Google Buy Your Love with Free Wi-Fi This Christmas? They already bought my love down on the corner. By the way, your mom says hi. [UproxxNews]

Don Draper says What What (in tha butt) [WarmingGlow]

I’m puttin’ this whole game in mah reahview. [WithLeather]

Is Marvel doing a War Machine movie? I don’t know. Do they like money? [GammaSquad]

Crossing The Line: 10 Most Outrageous Verbal Attacks In Sports History [TheSmokingSection]

Zac Efron vs. Zach Galifianakis (As Moderated by Zack Morris). Zack Attack! [Clutch]

Ten Great Moments in Conan O’Brien History [TheSmokingJacket]

Terrifying pictures from a shark dive. Obligatory “I’m a shaaaaaaaaark” pictures included [Fark]

You raff, you ruse [Urlesque]

The Top 25 Celebrities Who Have Defied Death [BroBible]

No Mary Jane In ‘Spider-man’ Reboot [ScreenJunkies]

Kanye West Performing On A Delta Airlines Flight [Buzzfeed]

11 Unironic Spokespeople [HolyTaco]

Olivia Munn will do “anything” to a dude who has a hoverboard. Anything. Pfft. Who wouldn’t? [Clutch]

Picture via Reddit (and the answer is YES)

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