Hurt Locker producer offends some pussies again

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05.19.10 33 Comments

If you’ll remember, a couple of months ago, Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier sent an email urging Academy members to vote for his movie and not Avatar, and even though that wasn’t really a big deal, it ended up getting him disinvited from the Oscars.  Well that guy is in the news again, and this time people are boo-hooing about another “impolite” email exchange, this time with a guy who took issue with Chartier’s company’s policy of suing BitTorrent users.  Here’s the email to Chartier (via BoingBoing):

—–Original Message—–
From: [redacted]@[redacted].com
Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 6:21 PM
To: Nicolas Chartier
Subject: Hurt Locker lawsuit

Dear Mr. Chartier,

I have recently become aware of Voltage Pictures’ intention to sue thousands of people who are suspected of having used BitTorrent to download films produced by your company.

I wish to register my disagreement with these tactics, and would like you to know that as a result of these actions I am boycotting your films. The majority of the people you are suing were not seeking to make money from their downloads, and will be financially devastated by a lawsuit or settlement. While it is completely understandable that Voltage Pictures wishes to defend its intellectual property, this is an inhumane way of doing so.

Until Voltage Pictures publicly states that it will not pursue lawsuits for downloading its films, I will not view, rent or buy any films produced wholly or in part by your company. I will urge my friends and family to take the same actions. I do not wish for the money I spend on entertainment to be used against otherwise good people.

Thank you for your time.


This was Chartier’s response:

From: “Nicolas Chartier”
Date: May 15, 2010 2:30:30 AM PDT
To: [redacted]@[redacted].com
Subject: RE: Hurt Locker lawsuit

Hi Nicholas, please feel free to leave your house open every time you go out and please tell your family to do so, please invite people in the streets to come in and take things from you, not to make money out of it by reselling it but just to use it for themselves and help themselves. If you think it’s normal they take my work for free, I’m sure you will give away all your furniture and possessions and your family will do the same. I can also send you my bank account information since apparently you work for free and your family too so since you have so much money you should give it away… I actually like to pay my employees, my family, my bank for their work and like to get paid for my work. I’m glad you’re a moron who believes stealing is right. I hope your family and your kids end up in jail one day for stealing so maybe they can be taught the difference. Until then, keep being stupid, you’re doing that very well. And please do not download, rent, or pay for my movies, I actually like smart and more important HONEST people to watch my films.

best regards,

Nicolas Chartier
Voltage Pictures, LLC
[address, phone, other personal details redacted]

Now everyone from BoingBoing to SlashFilm is making a point of noting how “polite” Nicholas’ email was in contrast to Nicolas’ (yes, they have almost the same name, get over it).  What did you expect the guy to say?  I love how people think using nice words somehow negates the sentiment behind them.  As if I should thank my cable company and Delta for saying “We apologize sir, but that’s our company policy,” instead of “Go f*ck yourself, you’re not important enough for us to care about,” even though that’s what they actually mean.

I get the file-sharing argument when it’s music, because you can steal a song and then decide to buy the album, which is a net positive.  But when it’s a movie, what’s the argument?  It’s pretty clear you’re doing that instead of buying the DVD.  I’m not necessarily against theft, but at least acknowledge that it’s theft.

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