I enjoy the crotch thrusts

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08.31.10 24 Comments

After the jump, check out “Dancing at the Movies,” an incredibly well-put-together montage of dancing scenes from popular movies.  See if you can name all the movies!  Or don’t, honestly, I probably won’t be paying attention.  It’s set to “Footloose.”  Oh, Kenny Loggins, you golden-throated beam of light from heaven.  Still, my favorite part is definitely the hip thrusting.  Not a lot of people know this, but I’m actually the number one hip thruster in the state.  I can knock potted plants off the shelf from across the room, just from the sheer force of your genital vibrations.  Wait, don’t I mean the force of my genital vibrations? No. No, I do not.

Still, I don’t think anyone rocked it as hard as this kid:

Somebody get him an agent.

[via kottke. Thanks to Adam for the tip on the second video.]

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