‘I Want You to Make My Mouth Pregnant’ leads AVN ‘Clever Title Award’

[Photo courtesy of XOJane. Check out their AVN coverage here]

On one of our more popular Frotcasts, we ambushed Rocco Reed and Chanel Preston, the stars of Romeo and Juliet XXX, with our lengthy lists of possible Shakespearian porno titles, such as “Ass, You Like It,” and “Much Ado about Nutting.” They seemed… mildly amused, kinda. But the AVN Awards, infamous for doling out buckets of awards for just about everything, has one award in particular that seemed tailor-made for People Like Us: the Clever Title of the Year Award.

In my mind, “I Want You to Make My Mouth Pregnant” is the clear leader, though “Roll Me a Fatty” is a nice visual (hard to do with a double entendre!). I’m also drawn to Montana Fishburne’s ex-lover B. Pumper’s film “Sweaty College Girl Butt Stinky Panties.” You can read that ten times and interpret it differently each time. I mean, is it a college girl who’s stinky, or is “Sweaty College Girl Butt” all one phrase, and it refers only to the butt that’s sweaty? Or maybe it’s a story about GirlButt StinkyPanties, a student at Sweaty College. The possibilities are nearly endless. That’s the beauty of a good title, it opens doors, it doesn’t close them. A title should be like your mom’s legs.

For the record, the AVN judges didn’t see things our way, and awarded “Beggin for a Peggin” the winner. FYI, “pegging” describes a woman wearing a strap-on penetrating the man. The AVN voters were probably just trying to be politically correct.