I Would Watch Yogi Bear For This

12.13.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

If you thought that the brilliant Twitter campaign launched by Tim Heidecker and Neil Hamburger was a masterpiece of destroying what looks to be a terrible film, then make some more room in your Louvre because animator Edmund Earle has put together an alternate ending to the live action Yogi Bear film, which opens this Friday. Starring that guy from the TV show Ed and Anna Faris’ fine self and featuring the voices of Dan Aykroyd as the titular picnic basket thief and Justin Timberlake as his furry twink Boo Boo, this movie is 20 years too late and should only be viewed by death row inmates. However, Earle’s contribution – that he claims he put together with his coworker in their spare time and inspired by The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford in the 21st and a Half Century – is almost enough to make me want to watch it if I knew that this was the real ending.

Video after the jump…

(Video via The Daily What)

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