Ice Bullets and Morning Links

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08.22.11 5 Comments

AK-47 ice cube tray? Yes, please. |Buzzfeed|

Best Wishes, Tara Reid: Celebrating Hollywood’s All-Time Shortest Marriages |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: Famous Geek Movie Quotes Rewritten for Fancy Gentlemen |Gamma Squad|

Happy Birthday, Corgi Friday |Warming Glow|

Check out the latest Frotcast, with Josh Zerkle and Sphinctor. |FilmDrunk|

The Dugout: SFinal Destination |With Leather|

Ricky Gervais cuts promo for Life’s Too Short, his show about dwarves. |TheSuperficial|

Kasey is your smiley almost-naked chick of the day. |GorillaMask|

This week in Gifs. Yay, gifs! |Videogum|

PICTURED: Box Dog via Technohell

Urban legend check: Are all-female houses really considered brothels? |MentalFloss|

This just in: banks are dicks. |TheDailyWhat|

A gif gallery of jiggly boobies. Relevant to my interests. |Clutch|

9 reality stars who ended up dead. |ScreenJunkies|

Machine Gun Kelly Organizes Flash Mob, Gets Arrested, & Released All in One Day |Smoking Section|

What’s the most unfortunately-named band you could possibly think of to play a 9/11 concert? |FARK|

17 Promising Actors Who Never Lived Up to Their Potential |Pajiba|

15 Funny Fake Celebrity Mugshots |Unreality|

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