If you liked The Wolf of Wall Street, you’ll love The Wolves of Wall Street, starring Eric Roberts

UPDATE: Jordan Belfort, the real-life subject of Wolf of Wall Street, actually financed two movies by the director of The Wolves of Wall Street.

Late last night I posted the red-hot trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s latest film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as millionaire playboy stock swindler Jordan Belfort. While that one had a chimp wearing rollerblades, The Wolves of Wall Street has ERIC ROBERTS. Released just 11 years ago (even before Belfort published his book, as far as I can tell – the nickname “Wolf of Wall Street” has been in use since the teens), The Wolves of Wall Street teamed Eric Roberts with director David DeCoteau, who went on to direct Roberts in everything from A Talking Cat?!? to Halloween Puppy. It appears to be their first collaboration, which makes The Wolves of Wall Street to DeCoteau and Roberts what Bottle Rocket is to Wes Anderson and the Wilson brothers. I mean, if Wes Anderson’s movies were known for having a really bad sound mix and animals in the title.

You may remember that DeCoteau is also semi well-known for directing softcore gayish porn about shirtless twinks in dangerous situations. They soft peddle that aspect of it a bit in the trailer, though it seems to be the main draw, judging by the Amazon reviews:

“When the handsome young stock brokers started taking off their clothes, stripped down to their tight black shorts, and crawled on their knees with their hard bodies and bulbous rears well exposed, I knew I was watching a David DeCoteau film. The fact that it wasn’t a film just short of being soft core gay porn didn’t confuse me in the slightest. The scene made no sense, and DeCoteau finds the strangest reasons to strip his boys down into their underwear.”

“I thought the ending was a little bad, (I love how the werewolves just stand around to be killed), and I felt that Jeff was a bit of a jerk to the pack alpha, whom I felt was a fairly nice guy for a monster. Peeves? I was kind of bored at the beginning but this film really picks up. Rated R for nudity, sex, and violence.”

“The homoerotica was just lame. I’ve seen just about all of David Decoteau’s films and in all honesty, I’m never expecting much, except a bunch of pretty boys prancing around in their undies. But I will say this, if you’re going to continue to make movies with homoerotic undertones, then be bold for once and actually have gay characters in your movies! Show a man/man kiss for a change.”

“Having read the previous reviews before seeing the film, I was pleasantly surprised that there was still a similar level of homoeroticism in this film as in the other films of the Director. This film is worthwhile just to see Bradley Stryker again.”

“In the flashback in question, the brokers all strip off their clothes Chippendale’s style, then crawl to a pair of seated female models, sniffing and licking their hands and legs while the women moan (but look like they’re yawning). Meanwhile, the sound of wolves growling plays on the soundtrack. What do they plan to do to the women? Seduce them? Eat them? Hump their legs and pee on the carpeting? I never figured it out.”

“I still can’t figure out the creepy scenes with the guys in their jocks licking on the two girls in the chairs (two guys per girl). That scene keeps reappearing and all they they do is lick???”

I’m fascinated by David DeCoteau. If you watch the trailer, it’s like they’re not even selling a homoerotic twink movie at all, and yet that sounds like exactly what it is. Why would you try to make people think it’s a mainstream movie about stock brokers? Element of surprise? Was he hoping that the target audience would just discover the homoeroticism on their own? Or was he actually trying to shoot a legitimate movie, but then the full moon hit and all of a sudden he found himself filming shirtless twinks licking stuff again like a gay werewolf? I really think David DeCoteau might be the Ed Wood of our generation.