I’m getting sick and tired of these MF’n Nazis building these MF’n Frankensteins

So this one’s pretty self-explanatory: it’s called Frankenstein’s Army, and it comes from Dutch director Richard Raaphorst [GRRR, DICK RAPE HORSE!].  It’s about Hitler coming across the writings of Victor Frankenstein and trying to create an army of sewn-together undead to help him win the war.  As far as stuff from Dutch directors goes, it actually sounds pretty tame.  In fact, it’s pretty much one Asian chick in spandex and a slo-mo scene away from being a Zack Snyder movie.

Anyway, cool trailer, interesting concept.  I was with it up until the part where Hitler reads a book by a guy named “Frankenstein.”

[via Twitch, doing the lord’s work, as always]