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Gus Van Sant (director of Milk and Good Will Hunting, among other things) will team up with Bret Easton Ellis, (writer of the books American Psycho and Rules of Attraction, among other things) to write a film about two artists who committed suicide.  They’ll be adapting…

“The Golden Suicides,” a Vanity Fair article about the double suicide of artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake [pictured]. Van Sant is involved only as writer at this point.  Duncan and Blake formed a popular couple on the downtown New York and Venice, Calif., art scenes. She was one of the first videogame designers for girls, and his “digital paintings” — kaleidoscopic images shown on plasma screens — established him as a rising star on the circuit.

The couple descended into a paranoid spiral when the artists developed a consuming belief that government and religious organizations were conspiring against them. She killed herself in 2007. Blake found her body on the floor of their bedroom, and walked into the Atlantic Ocean a week later, ending his life. [Variety]

Since Van Sant and Easton Ellis are both at their best when they’re not being pretentious (i.e., not like Elephant for Van Sant or Glamorama for Easton Ellis), a movie about artists who commit suicide might not be the best fit.  Suicide is the ultimate film school cliché.  Artsy kids think making a movie about suicide will make them seem deep for some reason.  I had a film class in college where like three of the shorts were about suicide.  Remember the guy on Real World Brooklyn who was in a film class?  Guess what his movie was about.  Yep, suicide.  Suicides really aren’t that interesting.  You think killing yourself is going to blow everyone’s mind by how punk rock you are, and people might be shocked at first, but in ten minutes they’re still gonna go back to thinking about what they want for lunch.

Additionally, a “golden suicide” is when you order tequila shots, snort the salt, take the shot, squirt the lime in your eye, and the bartender pees on you.

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