Important: Has the Lebowski Store cat gone missing??

We’re still working on getting a “Latest Comments” link back around here, so there’s a good chance you guys missed “Bluehairedcatlady’s” update on my October 2010 story about the Little Lebowski Store in New York. I wanted to make sure it didn’t slip by unnoticed, because it sounds important:

“The owner had a cat named Misha, a lot of people visited the store because of her. Misha has disappeared and the owner won’t tell anyone where she is. He thinks he can do whatever he wants to her and no one will care. This is a man who tied her up so she couldn’t lay down with a collar so tight she would pant. He hated anyone who was nice to Misha yet refused to let her be adopted by the many people who wanted her. Don’t let this man think New Yorkers don’t care about animals.”

Is Misha dead? Has she been catnapped? Will we be receiving Misha’s paw (or another cat’s paw) in an envelope along with ransom demands? (You want a paw, dude? I can get you a cat’s paw, believe me).  I’ve contacted the Lebowski Store’s owner, so hopefully we’ll have an update on this catroversy for you soon.

(I like to pretend Misha is drunk off her ass on white russians in that picture).