Important News: This cat TOTALLY looks like Voldemort!

A British cat was abandoned when its owners failed to realize how awesome it would be to have a cat that looks like a Harry Potter villain.  It’s sad, people can be so shortsighted I mean cruel.

“A cat which scared off potential owners because he looked too much like Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort has finally found a new home. Vets had removed both his ears and nose in a bid to clear him of skin cancer. Although the operation was a success, poor Charlie was left bearing an uncanny resemblance to the evil character played by Ralph Fiennes in the films. Harry Potter fan Sarah Gaden was just one of thousands of people who fell in love with Charlie after reading his heart-wrenching story. Miss Gaden, who lives in Worthing, West Sussex, said: “When I read his heart-breaking story I fell in love with him immediately and was desperate to give him a loving home.” [Telegraph]

That reminds me of this time we found a cripple kid at a bus stop that we thought looked just like Darth Maul from Star Wars. We took him home and shaved his head and superglued some horns to his scalp, but then when we were done, it turned out he didn’t even really look like Darth Maul, we were just super high.  Life’s funny like that.