IMPORTANT: Taiwan's NMA TV has animated the John Travolta lawsuit

As they have with virtually every celebrity scandal in recent memory, Taiwan’s NMA animation (I think the A already stands for “animation,” but you know what I mean) has created their own version of the events described in the recent sexual battery lawsuit filed by John Travolta’s alleged masseuse. You can watch the video below, but first, some things to look out for:

  • The “overweight black man cooking hamburgers” described in the lawsuit depicted as Jules from Pulp Fiction
  • The caption “Gulp Fiction.”
  • A ‘choking chicken’ graphic used to depict groping
  • The masseuse pouring bleach in his eyes
  • An army of orthodox Jews wearing gay pride flags chasing Travolta with dildos
  • More slide whistles and squish sound effects than a Karate Dog trailer

All in all, another fine effort.

Thanks for the tip, Andy.