Inception Animals & Morning Links (BRAAAAAAHM)

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11.08.10 3 Comments

I feel like the execution on this could’ve been better, but in any case, if you combine surprised animals with Inception sound effects, you better believe I’m gonna post it. |TheClearlyDope|


Buy a FilmDrunk shirt so I can get this box of FilmDrunk shirts out of my apartment. |FilmDrunkshirts.BigCartel|auto-trader-porn-ad

10 Awesome Fan Reimaginings of Popular Characters. |Uproxx|

Danger Guerrero’s suggested holiday viewing: Conan. |Uproxx|

Is This A Good Week For Pirates? |UproxxNews|

This Chilean miner is clearly a star.  |WarmingGlow|

Bruce Campbell officiates a zombie wedding. |GammaSquad|

Crossing The Line: 10 Most Outrageous Verbal Attacks In Sports History. |SmokingSection|

11 Unironic Spokespeople. |HolyTaco|

Jesus, Andy Reid was the biggest 13-year-old the world has ever seen. |NYCBarstoolSports|

Don Draper and Samwell perform “What What in the Butt.” |GorillaMask|

You can buy some Tron gear at Disney’s new store, “Give Us Your Money, Dork.” |ScreenJunkies|

VIDEO: Cabin-Wide Pillow Fight Breaks Out on Continental Flight. Also cabin wide? Your mom. |BroBible|

Five Funny Ladies Who Were Left Out of the Women of SNL Special. |TheSmokingJacket|

Contest: Fark headlines from before the dawn of Fark. Difficulty: 1990-1995. |Fark|

Awesome teen magazine covers from years past. |UnrealityMag|

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