Indian review of Burlesque: ‘a treat for the homosexual fans of Cher.’

Christina Aguilera has been taking a lot of heat lately, for

[last paragraph of Sampurn Wire’s review in OneIndiaEntertainment]

Cher has performed well but Aguilera was at her best vocal form often shouting her undisputed vocal prowess. It has a very predictable storyline with some clichés taking the story forward. Stanley Tucci offers a great performance as the manager Sean, who stands as a pillar of strength for Tess. It is a treat for the homosexual fans of Cher.

Wait, homosexual?  You mean because it’s a musical?  That doesn’t make any sense.  If I’ve learned anything from watching Glee, it’s that the people who love Cher music the most are football players and big tough guys with mohawks.

In any case, I’ve turned the tables with my review of the Indian film Endhiran, which I called “A tour de force for anyone who loves a giant cobra made of robot men that slithers around eating cars.”