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05.13.08 52 Comments

MTV has a couple new character trailers from American Teen, the Sundance darling that’ll be out later this year which is being billed as a real-life Breakfast Club.  It’s a feature-length documentary directed by Nanette Burstein, previously known for The Kid Stays in the Picture.

I’ve got the character trailer for “the Jock”, Colin, after the jump.  Colin’s under a lot of pressure because he has to get a scholarship in order to go to college because his dad can’t afford it.  Whatever, as someone with nearly six figures of debt, I’m sick of this plot line. 

Also, if this is a real-life Breakfast Club, why is the Judd Nelson character just some good looking dude?  Judd Nelson was harsh.  Judd Nelson’s dad beat him up and put cigarettes out on him and stuff.  There are no role models anymore.  People really need to step up and do some parenting.

Watch the rest of the trailers

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