"It was only recently that we read about Hitler on the internet"

What you’re looking at here is a store in Ahmedabad, India called “Hitler,” which apparently sells Superman t-shirts and other clothing. (Do you think Hitler dotted his I’s with a swastika like that? It makes him seem so cheerleaderish!). Anyway, if you’ve read this site before, you may have noticed other stories about that part of the world and their strange obsession with Hitler, as illustrated by the Bollywood movie, You think it was that Downfall meme or Cats that Look Like Hitler that did it?

The owner of the clothing outlet in Ahmedabad claims it’s merely a “nickname given to one of the proprietors’ grandfathers.”
“Hitler was a nickname given to my business partner Manish Chandani’s grandfather because of his strict nature. Frankly, till the time we applied for the trademark permission, I had only heard that Hitler was a strict man,” Rajesh Shah who owns the shop told The Times of India daily.

Yes, strict, that’s one way to put it. He wouldn’t let the Jews go out without arm bands (“you’ll catch your death of cold!”) and he always made them shower before supper! …What? Too soon? C’mon, I used a soft J.

Shah complains he had to spend Rs 40,000 on the banner, and says he won’t change the name unless he is compensated.
Some members of the Jewish community claim the proprietors know what Hitler’s name stands for. “They had researched well, right from the clothes the dictator wore to his cufflinks. We had suggested a separate design, but the proprietors claimed that the name brings good business since its launch a week back.” [RT]

I don’t know, it’s not that bad a name. I mean, it’s not like they’re selling tolerance. Say what you will about the Nazis, they were nothing if not snappy dressers. That said, if the Jews of Ahmedabad wanted to, I don’t know, hold some kind of “night of broken glass” where they smash the shop’s window, I don’t think anyone would blame them. Which would be a first.

Oh sure, of course a clothing company called “FRANCE” would allow itself to be bought and sold by Hitler.

[picture via NY Daily News, thanks to Judo champ Tim O for the tip]