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09.25.09 29 Comments

Entertainment Tonight has been hard at work this week, sending not one, but two of their trained seals to the set of Iron Man 2, where they asked the stars the tough questions, like “How’s your diet going?” and “Why come you’re so pretty?” (There’s briefly a cool part at the 56-second mark where Whiplash cuts a Rolls Royce in half with his whips). They didn’t talk to Mickey Rourke, probably because if E.T. anchors get dog fur on their clothes they melt like the wicked witch, but they spent plenty of time with Gwyneth Paltrow, who we see as the only person on the set breathing into a gas mask.  Probably because her lungs are more important than yours, they live in England, you know.  She also had this to say:

“Pepper’s evolving a little bit in her look, you know, but she’s still rocking all the high heels.  I can’t believe that I can put on a bathing suit, or wear these costumes that are tiny and short or whatever, and still feel good about myself!”

It’s true, Gwyneth, you’re so amazing! Come on, everyone, let’s build a Paltrow monument that you can see from space!  It’s almost as if she has all day to exercise and have private chefs cook her healthy food while immigrants take care of her kids or something.  Anyway, ScreenRant has a nice, spoilery breakdown of what clues to the Iron Man 2 plot this video may have revealed. You know, if you’re some kind of Schloimo Dorkowicz.

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