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11.02.07 91 Comments

Howdy folks, Ramón the Correction Piñata here.  Let’s play "Spot the Unnecessary Adjectives in this Hollywood Reporter Story" shall we?

David Arquette, Matthew Lillard and Orlando Jones are attached to star opposite Justin Chatwin and Jack Black in "Ye Old Times," a wild comedy about romance at a Renaissance fair.
Arquette and Lillard will play members of the modern-day medieval troupe of actors at a cheesy Renaissance fair. Jones will play the member of a rival acting troupe committed to only serious productions of real Shakespeare. Chatwin will play the romantic male lead, and Black will be Professor Shockworthy, whose narration bookends the film. [emphasis added. obviously.]

Mrs. Stover’s English class strikes again!

Ahh the Ren faire, where fat chicks with big tits and hairy weirdos with bacne go to make passionate, revolting love to each other.  And wow, David Arquette and Matthew Lillard back together again?  Throw Crispin Glover in there and you’ve basically got Burning Man on the set.  

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