TRAILER: Paramount promotes Jack Ryan movie with Tom Clancy's warm corpse

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10.04.13 18 Comments


When Paramount released their poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on the same day that Tom Clancy, the author who created the Jack Ryan character died, I figured it was just a coincidence, or unfortunate timing. But they’ve had a few days to process it since then, and they went and released the trailer last night anyway.

So what do you think, are they just going ahead with their previously-scheduled marketing plan, or are they capitalizing on the author’s death for more visibility? A principal’s death really is the best advertising, though there are plenty of movies opening on Christmas like this one releasing trailers and posters this week (American Hustle, for instance). I couldn’t tell you, but the question makes covering this a lot more interesting than if it was just a Bourne clone starring Chris Pine.

It’s directed by Kenneth Branagh, so I guess he permanently traded in Shakespeare for action movies after Thor. Branagh’s the only real wild card in this mix, because otherwise we have:

  • Bad guy getting his head smashed through sink
  • Protagonist running in a suit and tie
  • Motorcycle chase
  • Kidnapped wife to raise stakes
  • Evil Russian guy
  • Cool guys don’t look at explosions
  • “You’re a field agent now, bookworm!”
  • Maybe the GOVERNMENT is the bad guy! Whoaaoooaa!

…Basically the full Bourne. But maybe there’s a five-minute, hardcore sex scene with Keira Knightley right in the middle that shows dongs going in and everything. I think that’d really reinvigorate the genre.

“You can’t trust anyone out there, Jack. Now then, let’s buttf*ck.”


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