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09.06.07 10 Comments

The Jackass gang is currently shooting segments for Jackass 2.5, which will be coming out on DVD in time for Christmas.  It just wouldn't be Jesus' birthday without someone chugging horse semen. I could probably have watched two hours of just the Spike-Jonze-dressed-as-an-old-lady segment, so pretty much any extra footage news is good news to me.

On a sidenote, the Margeras have become basically a bad Charlie Brown parody.  "Gee, Bam, I know you've made a career out of playing tricks on me, but sure, I'll kick the football.  I mean, why not, right?  After all, it's a football.  *slip* You're incorrigible!"  That's what you get for naming your kid "Bam".  You name your kid Bam and it pretty much guarantees he's not going to be a physicist.  Which is sad, because how much easier would history be for stupid kids if the guy who invented the atom bomb's name was "Bam"?

In conclusion, onomatopoeia.

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