Jackie Chan beats up little kids

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06.14.10 16 Comments

I thought we needed a nice palate cleanser after all that Will-Smith’s-son-makes-more-in-a-weekend-than-you’ll-make-your-entire-life news this morning, and Black 20 has come through yet again with another fine mashup, “Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids.”  It’s basically a literal interpretation of my decree from last week, “Karate Kid would be better if it was just Jackie Chan beating up kids for two hours.”  Yeah, that’s right, I called something I wrote a decree.  I chiseled it onto a stone tablet while I was on the sh*tter.  Anyway, point is, it’s fun to watch kids getting beat up, because kids are obnoxious and lack upper-body strength, like women.

[via IGN]

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