FilmDrunk, JagerBonds, And Comedy: Tomorrow Night!

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03.26.14 22 Comments


A Night To Remember, Remembered, With Jägermeister’s New App, JägerBonds

Have you ever had a night out so memorable and full of strange twists that it was like a movie all its own? Some stories can’t be told without a little help from your friends, and that’s where JägerBonds comes in.

Creating a “bond” between you and your crew, JägerBonds will take Facebook and Instagram posts from your epic night and create a video of the most legendary moments. Forget where Lisa disappeared to while Phil and Dave were trying to carry that ice sculpture? JägerBonds provides proof, complete with a highlight reel.

Following up a successful UPROXX showcase at SXSW, Me, Matt Lieb, and the FilmDrunk Frotcast gang will be trying it out this Thursday (TOMORROW!) for a comedy showcase in San Francisco, with meet-up and after-party to follow. The epicenter of all the fun will be The Mission Position, 8 pm at Lost Weekend video, including comedy sets by Matt and I. Check it out!

Download JägerBonds from iTunes

Dowload JägerBonds from GooglePlay

PS, Matt Lieb is 6′ 7″, in case you were wondering. I’m definitely going to stand on a box for the next one of these.

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