James Bond Fans Shaken, Stirred

04.27.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

Last week, our IROC-driving, tank-top-wearing leader reported that the 23rd film in the James Bond franchise would be suspended indefinitely because MGM executives grew up under power lines. As a result, fans of the James Bond franchise were notably distraught at this year’s James Bond Festival, held over the weekend at the London Film Museum. When not meeting with George Lazenby (GASP!) and Richard Kiel (*faints*), fans were openly wondering how MGM could be so deeply in debt and not at least be willing to sell off the Bond rights to another studio.

Apparently these fans aren’t familiar with money, seeing as the Bond franchise is the only thing that still makes MGM any money. According to a BBC article, Daniel Craig’s Bond debut made the studio £350 million worldwide (which is a lot in American money, too). Problem is MGM is £2.4 billion in debt (also a poopton in American) so MGM is essentially looking for a studio that wants to alleviate the debt. But why am I boring you with economics when this thing is about the fans?

Equip me with gadgets, BBC:

Andy Davison has brought his young son Ashton to come and meet the stars, except Ashton is actually scared of real life Jaws. Still, it is a father-son moment.

“I think James Bond is probably what every boy wants to be and every middle-aged man wants to be as well,” said Davison.

“I love it. My son loves it. And I hope it goes on for generations to come.”

Right on. I’m a huge Bond geek, and I loved the last two, especially Quantum of Solace for all you haters. But another problem that is being mentioned is the status of Daniel Craig. Should there be a lengthy delay before the next Bond film is made, Craig might take his bisexual hopes for Britain’s super spy elsewhere, leaving a need for a new Bond. And who could fill those shoes? Sam Worthington, of course.

Well, it is just a rumor, and the article also mentions Will Smith, so allow me to dismissively wank, but Sam seems to be showing up in everything these days. Like, just this morning I got in the shower… Sam Worthington. Dude washes a good back, I’ll give him that.

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