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To his stable of Audis, BMWs, Aston Martons, and Alfa Romeos, James Bond recently added the Ford Ka, pictured at left.  Seems like a natural progression, really.

Ford Motor Co said on Thursday its redesigned Ka city car would debut in the upcoming Bond film "Quantum of Solace," scheduled for release in North America on November 7.
Ford struck a three-movie contract with Bond producers, starting with "Die Another Day" in 2002. Financial terms were not disclosed.
In his 2006 debut as 007, British actor Daniel Craig appeared behind the wheel of a Ford Mondeo sedan and was flipped at high-speed in an Aston Martin, a legendary Bond ride and a luxury brand then owned by Ford.
Pictures from the "Quantum Solace" set show actress Olga Kurylenk, the latest Bond girl, behind the wheel of a golden Ford Ka.
Ford declined to say whether Bond would take a ride in its minicar, which will go on sale in Europe and other markets outside the United States.

Please, you don’t pay money to be in a Bond film unless Bond will be driving your car.  I can see it now, bad guys are chasing James Bond in a black Lamborghini when he commandeers this faggy little Euro car.  All looks lost until… Dun dunt DUNN!  The bad guys have to pull over to get gas!  Saved by the economical bubble car!  Bond straightens his bow tie and floors his Ford Ka into the city at 35 mph and then cruises through picking up chicks whom he later bones on the hood because the backseat’s too small.  The name’s Bond.  James Bond.  Fancy a lift?  Let me just strap your handbag to the roof rack here… 

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