James Bond is dead.

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07.06.10 28 Comments

UPDATE: Bond’s status has since been upgraded from “dead” to “indefinitely not alive.”

MGM is currently $4 billion in debt and desperately seeking a buyer, meaning that the movies MGM owns the rights to are basically screwed.  Their financial troubles have been a big factor in the delays with The Hobbit, and now the word is that they’ve killed Bond 23, kind of a shame since it was set to be directed by Sam Mendes from a script by Frost/Nixon‘s Pete Morgan.

The movie has been axed – and it could be years before the secret agent with a licence to kill is back on the big screen. A glum insider said: “Members of the production crew have been told the Bond film has been canned.
Production company EON confirmed in a statement yesterday: “We do not know when development will resume and cannot comment further at this stage.”
American TV company Spyglass Entertainment is the front-runner to take over but Summit Entertainment – which makes the smash-hit Twilight vampire films starring Robert Pattinson – is also understood to be in talks with creditors. [Mirror]

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that lots of other Hollywood studios have plenty of money, meaning that the Magic 8-ball movie, the one where zoo animals give Kevin James dating advice, ‘Hasbro Factory‘ — those projects are all doing fine.  And really, do we need another James Bond movie?  I already got my secret-agent fix from Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl.

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