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11.17.09 20 Comments

My copy of this month’s Playboy hasn’t arrived yet, probably because my mailman is Puerto Rican and everyone knows those people steal.  Or I don’t know, maybe he’s just taking a nap. What am I, his parole officer?  Anyway, there’s an interview with James Cameron in it, and it sounds like he’s his usual, curmudgeonly self.

“I made Titanic because I wanted to dive to a shipwreck, not because I particularly wanted to make the movie…Titanic was about ‘f*ck you’ money,” he said. And on Kate Winslet almost dying while filming: “We simply let Kate think she was nearly drowning. A little sputtering and coughing does not count in my book, because I have almost drowned several times…Anybody who signs on [with me] is going to be tested.”

On his 25th high school reunion: “If you ever go to a 25th high school reunion, make sure that in the previous two months you’ve made the world’s highest-grossing movie, won 11 Academy Awards and become physically bigger than most of those guys who used to beat you up. I walked up to them one by one and said, ‘You know, I could take your ass right now, and I’m tempted, but I won’t.’ Actually, they were all nice guys except for one who was still big and mean. I left him alone.” [Cinematical]

Cameron later went on to clarify that The Abyss was more about ‘love me, daddy’ money, while True Lies was ‘you think you’re better’n me’ money, and if all goes well, Avatar will make piles of ‘is it in yet’ money.

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