James Cameron to make $350 million for Avatar

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07.09.10 21 Comments

James-Camerons-yacht(James Cameron allows only the finest European prostitutes on his yacht)

If KStew and RPattz are making $41 mil just for feigning acid reflux in the last two Twilight movies, it only stands to reason that the guy who wrote, directed and produced the highest-grossing film of all time ($2.7 billion worldwide and counting) would earn a lot more.  Well, you read the headline, didn’t you?  James Cameron’s $350 million take comes 13 years after he earned a reported $97 million for Titanic.  Asked what he plans to do with all that money, he said, somewhat predictably, “Two chicks, man.”

Though Hollywood pay experts tell me that the $350M all-in figure is largely attributable to his directing deal structured as “first dollar” gross or more likely “at cash break” gross.
“But Cameron is making $350 million because the DVD did beyond expectation,” an insider tells me. Indeed, its 2D DVD and Blu-Ray worldwide sales smashed records in all categories. And still to come is the release of its 3D DVD in November.

Forbes magazine about a week ago placed Cameron only #2 on its Celebrity 100 money ranking this year of the richest and most powerful actors, actresses, musicians and other well known showbiz figures. In fact, based on my insiders, Cameron should have been #1 because his $350M far exceeds the $315M which the magazine said top-ranked Oprah Winfrey earned. Forbes underestimated the director’s pay at only $210M. [Deadline]

Say what you will about James Cameron, I think it’s kind of crazy that a guy had to spend 10 years plus developing a movie, including inventing a new kind of 3D camera and creating a fictional language; it went on to become the highest-grossing film of all time, and he only just edged out a chick who goes on TV to talk about sandwiches.  Equal pay for equal work my ass.

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