James Franco drops out of Yale musical ‘James Franco Presents’

In addition to being a famous movie star, hosting the Oscars, and founding the Department of James Franco Studies at James Franco University in James Franco, James Franco still finds time to be a PhD student in English at Yale.  Up until now, he was also juggling duties as producer of a student-run musical, which, knowing Yale, would probably just be a bunch of guys dressed like women reading Chaucer in shrill, British falsettos. But in a Julie Taymor-esque move, Franco has since exited the production.  And considering it was set to be called “James Franco Presents,” his absence may dicknose the entire project.

The immodestly-titled “James Franco Presents” ran into trouble almost immediately. Collaborator Matthew George jumped ship back in January, reportedly because the production was underfunded and disorganized. Franco’s remaining partner on the project, Jessica Berkowitz, tried to put on a brave face and assemble a cast. However, the pair’s credibility was dashed when Franco decided he wouldn’t show up for auditions to the musical that bore his name. As pressure and cynicism mounted, the following desciption of the play’s storyline was revealed:

“James Franco Presents” is the story of a girl dealing with the realities of love and life once she realizes she can’t hide behind the wonderful fantasies of fiction. A comedic drama, this musical incorporates film and live musical theater to tell the story of a cast struggling to write and produce a musical that is grounded in high school realities but with a sci-fi twist. Sex, blood, and surrealism to be expected.

Yesterday, Berkowitz told the Yale Daily News, “Due to unforseen challenges, Mr. Franco has ceased to be part of the project.” She continued: “This change has necessitated that the current show be re-worked with the hope of a later production date.” The project is now being referred to as “The Stargazer.” [TheFeast – thanks, James]

Duuude, NOW who’s going to orally copulate the James Franco Real Doll onstage?  I mean, I’m sure we could find someone to do it, but it sure won’t be meta.  WAIT!  DON’T LOSE FAITH! JAMES FRANCO CAN FIX THIS! (*James Franco duct tapes Fleshlight to Corgi, “Vagina Dog in New Haven” opens to mixed reviews*)