James Franco Finds The Wrong Man’s Money In The ‘Good People’ Trailer

It’s all fun and dick-nosing until a serious gangster shows up to kill James Franco in the new trailer for Good People. Franco plays a down-on-his-luck (but presumably artistic) husband who is facing eviction from the home that he shares with his wife, played by Kate Hudson, and things only seem to get worse when they discover that their downstairs tenant is really smelly because he’s dead. But hold on, is that money in a bag in the ceiling of his basement apartment? You bet your ass it is, and now it’s time for Franco and Hudson to reconsider this whole life of debt routine and start living like royalty.

Unfortunately, before they’ll get to have an awesome clothes shopping montage, set to a cover of “I’m Too Sexy” or “Sharp-Dressed Man” by Katy Perry, they’re going to need to explain to the police why they lied, as they try to not get their asses killed by the gangster they also lied to, since he’s hunting them down to take his £220,000 out of their behinds.