James Franco & Harmony Korine doing a Selena Gomez movie? My dicknose sense is tingling.

Last time James Franco and Harmony Korine got together, they shot a film where James Franco BMX fights a bunch of naked gangster chicks (see above). If you’ll remember, that was for the same art show where Franco carved “BRAD RENFRO” into his arm. Now Variety says Franco and Korine are teaming up again for a film called “Spring Breakers,” starring Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez. That’s right, the queens of the Disney channel and the guy who did Trash Humpers. This positively reeks of dicknosery.

“Spring Breakers,” tells the story of four college girls who rob a restaurant to pay for their trip to the beach.
Roberts would play a Southerner who feeds off danger, while Gomez would play a religious girl. The rest of the group would include Hudgens [thanks, brilliant deduction there, Variety -Ed.]. Franco will co-star as a drug and arms dealer who bails them out of jail. [via Variety – Thanks to Larry for the tip]

The trip goes from bad to worse when Roberts falls in with a mysterious gay clown with cerebral palsy, and Gomez’s faith is tested by a botched abortion that leaves her addicted to heroin. Then, just when you least expect it…. DICKNOSE!

(*Vanessa Hudgens shoves Spaghettios up her vagina as a comment on consumerism, James Franco flies off in biplane cackling wildly, the bullwhip up his ass fluttering heroically in the breeze*)