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Here’s James Franco’s interview with MTV on the set of Finishing the Game.  I think it pretty much speaks for itself.  Partial transcript:

MTV Guy: Have you read the rest of the script? Are there things that you can’t wait to see?
: …Uhh.. I don’t… read the stuff that’s not my character.

MTV GuyHow was it to work with Justin Lin after he’s come off two big movies and now doing a little indie – is he entering his Soderbergh period?
: (long sigh)…Yeah …Soderbergh period.

MTV Guy: So that means you get to do some more actiony type stuff?
Franco: (Sheepish grin, nod)

MTV Guy: How does a director call up and say –
Franco: (laughing) We can cut this, this is getting stupid.

Hey, remember those WGA PSAs about actors being speechless without writers?  They should just use this from now on.

UPDATE: Having since seen MTV Movies’ other interviews, I’m gonna have to reverse position and side with Franco on this one. They harsh my mellow too, man.

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