James Franco wants to stage a real gang fight

My plan to get a PhD in James Franco studies from James Franco University is looking less attractive today after Franco was the second boredest guy at the Oscars last night (behind Tom Hanks).  But there’s news to cover and JAMES FRANCO NEEDS ATTENTION, DAMMIT!  The latest is that he’s supposedly working with batsh*t filmmaker Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo) on a piece of “violent video art” that they hope will climax in a real knife fight between rival LA gangs.  A knife fight, eh?  Seems like it might be a step back for a guy who’s already watched gay dudes sword fight.

Our source said, “They are looking to film two actual street gangs doing a fight scene. [which they hope will climax in a gory battle at an iconic location such as the Griffith Observatory.] The twist is they want the two gangs to fight, using real knives. The production team is panicked that they’ll end up with blood, injuries and potentially dead bodies on set.”

Korine had been working on a video called “Fight Harm,” filmed by illusionist David Blaine, which included Korine engaging strangers in street fights in New York. But he was hospitalized after six fights and forced to abandon the project. He said in 2000, “I got a lot of bones broken, I was thrown in prison and I had really bad court costs.”

A Korine rep told us, “I can confirm that there is indeed a piece of video art in the works involving gang fights by James and Harmony,” but declined to comment further. [NYPost]

“You say your name’s ‘Harmony’?  That’s an interesting name, what do you do?”

“Fight strangers, mostly.”

GANGMEMBER: Hey, man, back up, I’ve got a knife.

JAMES FRANCO:  That’s not a knife.  THIS is a knife.  (*pulls down dicknose mask*)