James McAvoy Is One Coked Up Scottish Cop In The 'Filth' Red Band Trailer

The new red band trailer for the Scottish film Filth might leave you thinking that this is a delightful farce of a coke-fueled romp, the kind that our parents may have had when they claimed that they were going out for tacos and wound up in prison. But underneath the dancing, puking, hooker-banging and non-stop nipple-rubbing, Filth is a far darker tale of a cop dealing with some pretty horrible personal problems and demons that he can’t control. He just quiets them down a little by doing enough drugs to kill an army of horses.

In the new red band trailer, James McAvoy shows us the brighter side of a bipolar meltdown, while the always adorable Imogen Poots (tee hee!) does whatever it is that keeps her so damned adorable. Filth hits iTunes and VOD on April 24 and American theaters for a limited run on May 30, but I don’t know why you’d wait that long if you can watch it a month earlier. Sounds like some of the cocaine might have spilled over into the planning department.

And I believe that I mentioned nipple-rubbing: