Jamie Foxx Set To Join 'White House Down'? Let's Check Out An Exclusive New Storyboard!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been bringing you exclusive updates on the eventual Channing Tatum blockbuster White House Down, which will be directed by Roland Emmerich and gross roughly $16 trillion dollars. Through my anonymous sources, I’ve been able to show you storyboards of C-Tates’ as Secret Service agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta, who was retired from the game, only to be brought back after the President was kidnapped by Colonel Ackbar Muslim, played by John Malkovich.

Originally, we were led to believe that President Jefferson Washington would be played by rapper T-Pain; however, Variety is now reporting that Emmerich and Sony have their hopes set on Jamie Foxx. Unfortunately for Variety and all other news sources, the storyboards keep rolling in and we already had this news. After the jump, check out the latest scene of C-Tates’ White House Down.


Featuring C-Tates as Agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta, Jamie Foxx as President Jefferson Washington, Angelina Jolie as the voice of Alice Qaeda the Terrorist Polar Bear, Pit Bull as the voice of Pit Bull the American Bulldog, and introducing Chester Hanks AKA Chet Haze as Secret Service agent-in-training J.J. Streetz.