Stern & Foxx beef over Precious, Precious thinks it looks delicious

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04.06.10 40 Comments

So Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern are fighting.  The back story on this is that Howard Stern committed the cardinal sin of not pretending to not notice that Gabourey Sidibe is enormously fat.  Look, people, from what I’ve seen, she seems like an intelligent, genuine, and funny person, but let’s stop acting like the first thing you notice about her isn’t that she’s 400 pounds.  Cut the sh*t.  It’s a lie and it’s patronizing.  “I love her spirit!” F*ck you.  She’s fat, not retarded.  Anyway, Jamie Foxx (who also has a radio show on Sirius) took offense to that and ripped Stern. To which Stern said:

“I gotta sh*tload of stuff on Jamie which isn’t a lot of fun…even the name change to Foxx, it’s interesting that he chose the name ‘Jamie,’ I could get into the whole f***ing thing…My guess is we’re probably not on the same team. I think he’s playing for a way different team. I don’t know what team he’s on but it ain’t my team.”

That could be interpreted a few different ways.  Maybe he thinks Jamie Foxx isn’t on the making-fun-of-Precious-team.  Or that he isn’t on the Jews-who-look-like-Joey-Ramone team.  For whatever reason, Jamie Foxx took it to mean he was gay, and said this:

“I’m not gay…A lot of people say that I’m gay and that doesn’t bother me, because I could eat a pizza in a male shower and not feel anything because I’m secure with myself. And I’m not gonna take that, Coward Stern. I’m not gonna take that from a person who has chronic gonorrhea.”

“A lot of people say that about me, but I don’t care.  I don’t care so much that I’ll go to outlandish lengths to prove how much I don’t care.  I’ll walk a thousand miles on my head to prove how little I care.”

Anyway, it figures he’d be eating pizza in a male shower.  They sure as hell don’t serve tacos.

Here’s the clip where Jamie Foxx supposedly says those things.  I couldn’t confirm, because it’s damn near unlistenable:

And here’s Howard Stern’s deal about Precious.

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