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03.21.08 29 Comments

Chapter 27 is a movie about Mark David Chapman, the guy who shot John Lennon. It stars Jared Leto, overweight and overacting in the lead, alongside Freckletits Lohan.

According to Collider, it’s finally getting a limited release March 28th after being plagued by bad reviews, protests from Lennon fans, and being leaked on the internet more than a year ago.

I think their biggest mistake was giving a lonely stalker like Mark David Chapman a love interest, and then casting Lindsay Lohan.  Everyone knows a guy who was boning Freckletits would never shoot John Lennon – he’d be too busy having crazy sex and getting tested for STDs.  But – hey, look! It’s Judah Friedlander and he’s not wearing a hat with something stupid on it!  Lamest. Schtick. Ever.

Interesting sidenote: The actor who plays John Lennon is a guy named Mark Lindsay Chapman, who was turned down for a part of Lennon in a 1985 Lennon biopic for NBC, because his name was too similar to Lennon’s killer. 

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