Jason Sudeikis introduces “Big-Mouth Billy Vagina.”

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02.18.11 9 Comments

After the jump, you can watch the red-band trailer for the Farrelly Brother’s Hall Pass, which opens next Friday.  Thank God this one’s a little better than the first trailer, because watching the guys who made Kingpin stoop to tired pot-brownie jokes is like watching Mike Tyson get his ass kicked by a white kid outside a Dairy Queen. (Or like seeing anything Ice Cube has done since 2004).  This one’s better because at least with the vulgarity included, it has actual punch lines.  Broad sex comedy doesn’t work without swear words and crude talk, it just looks like Old Dogs.  Now it looks damn near watchable.  Not that my hopes are too high.  These are the same guys who put Carlos Mencia in their last movie.  My favorite part was when the guy who made a living off being Mexican couldn’t do a Mexican accent.

Jason Sudeikis rules.

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