Jennifer Lawrence is ‘catching fire’ in this new American Hustle clip

In case you lost sleep worrying that American Hustle wouldn’t be a feast of sexy actors chewing scenery in vintage costumes, let this new clip put your tired mind at ease. The David O. Russell film about the infamous ABSCAM sting of the 1970s opens December 18th, and in this new clip, Jennifer Lawrence’s microwave does an impression of my loins if I were in the same room as Jennifer Lawrence. That’s when Combover Christian Bale shows up and says “I told you not to put metal in the science oven!”

Because that’s what microwaves were called in the seventies. Microwaves were called science ovens, TVs were called newspaper movies, records were called audio pancakes, and tube tops were called cocaine bibs. It was a simpler time.

This is going to be a good movie.