Jennifer Lopez Is Really Bringing Her F Game In ‘The Boy Next Door’

Jennifer Lopez apparently wants us to know that she still has it. “It” not being an agent getting her the best scripts or the ability to discern good roles from those that should be airing late at night on Lifetime, but instead she just wants the world to see that she can step into any old movie and make it all hot and sexy the same way she did in the 90s. In the first trailer for next year’s The Boy Next Door, J-Lo plays a mom who is separated from her husband and trying to sort out her life, when she’s saved by the titular young man, who indeed lives one house over, from having her well-insured booty damaged by a garage door. And wouldn’t you know it – he’s a hunk!

So like any attractive 40-something teacher, she ends up sleeping with him. But unlike in the real world, it’s not a mistake because she might lose her job or face constant public humiliation. Instead, it’s a bad move because the boy next door also happens to be a complete psychopath – teenagers, amiright? – and he not only recorded their entire love-making session, but he’s also great with a gun and awful double entendres. The Boy Next Door opens and closes around January 23.