09.21.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

Here's the new poster for Fred Claus. (trailer here) Yeesh, what is it about the birth of Christ that brings out the shittiest in movies?  I have a hard time picturing the writer's meeting where they sit around and go, "Okay, we've got Paul Giamatti playing Santa and Vince Vaughn playing his brother: ideas?"  And then some asshole in the back raises his hand and goes, "Vince Vaughn could get beat up by elves?"

Jesus, people, in a world where I can go on YouTube and type in "Man Getting Hit in the Nuts By Fish" or  "Pee Drinking Monkey" and get results in two seconds, fictional slapstick just does not apply.  Seriously, a man getting hit in the nuts with a fish! Real! Free!  You think I'm paying $10 to see Vince Vaughn's stunt double get fake elbowed by a midget? 

I hope they got paid a lot of money to be in this, because you can't buy street cred. Really, I tried once and they laughed at me, so I pouted and asked for Funions.

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