Jihad Comedy Four Lions Has a US Trailer

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10.12.10 22 Comments

I posted a trailer for Brit director Chris Morris’s first feature, Four Lions, back in March, just after it played to rave reviews at Sundance.  Since then, it’s been picked up for distribution for Alamo Drafthouse’s new distribution arm, and they’ve cut together this new trailer for its limited US theatrical run on November 5th.

Despite literally* everyone and their mother** raving about this movie, I’m still not seeing what the fuss is about.  It could just be a lame trailer for a good movie, but so far all I see it’s that it’s “outrageous” because it’s a comedy about terrorists (which Uwe Boll already did, terribly, in Postal).  Once you strip that away, most of the jokes are mediocre-to-lame slapstick, like a guy accidentally firing a bazooka backwards, which I’m pretty sure I already saw in In the Army Now with Pauly Shore.  And you do NOT want to get in comedy battle with Pauly Shore, dude.  Trust me, you will lose.


**Who mentioned it while trading sex for crack money   [via Firstshowing]

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